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SpiroCombi Magnet

Now available

  • Eliminates air

  • Separates dirt and ferrous material

  • Horizontal or vertical installation

  • 20 year warranty

  • Sizes: ¾", 1", 1¼", 1½", 2"

  • Threaded, sweat and press fit

The unique construction of this combined unit allows for the removal of 100% of the free air, 100% of the entrained air, up to 99.6% of the dissolved air and dirt particles. The patented Spirotube®, the core of the Spirocombi Magnet unit, causes dirt particles heavier than water to sink to the bottom of the unit and collect in the dirt chamber, eliminating any blockage concerns. The air bubbles rise and collect in the air chamber before being released via an integral automatic valve. The dirt can be flushed through the drain while the system remains fully operational. The large dirt collection chamber ensures infrequent flushing.

Advantages to the Installer and End-User:

  • Powerful magnets surround the flow path to remove ferrous material from the circulating system water

  • Rotating universal connection allows installation in horizontal or vertical piping using the same unit

  • No bypass, isolating valves or replacement filters to clog and reduce flow

  • Dirt can be flushed while the system is in full operation.

  • Minimum pressure drop; always constant

  • Increased component life

  • Reduced oxygen-based corrosion and pump cavitation

  • Provides optimum heat transfer


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