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HTP Elite XL® Commercial Condensing Boiler – Where Efficiency Meets Connectivity

The Elite XL is a powerful commercial boiler that is available in 7 sizes ranging from 400,000 Btuh to 2,000,000 Btuh. The 4 pass heat exchanger not only increases heat transfer but allows for one of the smallest footprints of commercial boilers in the industry making installation in even the most confined places possible. Create the redundancy of operation with no downtime by cascading up to 8 boilers with the Elite XL. It is truly a one of a kind design from the inside, out.

Efficiency with Extra Power

The Elite XL’s highly efficient 4 pass heat exchanger design multiplies the heat transfer for the most efficient output. The Thermal Efficiency rating for the Elite XL is 97% with Ultra Low NOx operation, conserving energy, providing savings on your monthly bill.

How the Elite XL Works

Condensing technology intelligently delivers highly efficient hydronic heating while maximizing efficiency by measuring data from the system. The combustion system modulates the output of the burner during operation to match system demand and achieve the control set point while in operation. The set point can change by internal or external signal to enhance the overall performance of the system. The Elite XL includes an outdoor sensor that adjusts the unit set point based on the outdoor temperature measured by this sensor to provide even greater efficiency.


How the Elite XL Works

The Elite XL Boiler comes equipped with HTP Link technology, a WiFi solution that enables remote monitoring of the appliance and its system. Proper personnel of your choice will be sent a text message or email alert when faults or other key activities occur in the boiler, allowing you peace of mind even when you are not at the location of the appliance. When you are on location, the easy to use, high resolution touch screen provides a clear visual of the system operation allowing you to easily monitor and troubleshoot should you need to.

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