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The groundbreaking TPE3 from Grundfos combines best-in-class pump intelligence and efficiency with built-in features that make it easy to use. Smart controls and enhanced mechanical efficiencies deliver savings and performance in a simplified design.

A large selection of control modes empower you to customize the TPE3 to your system’s needs — including smart modes that continuously monitor and automatically optimize performance. Once installed, the pump is smart enough to assume the optimal setpoint automatically.

  • Differential Temperature allows you to adapt performance based on ΔT, using only one additional optional HVAC sensor.

  • Proportional Pressure monitors pressure and adjusts pump performance to match system demand.

  • AUTOADAPT automatically selects the proportional pressure when the setpoint is not known, and continues to adjust for most efficient performance.

  • FLOWADAPT monitors flow and ensures that the flow rate never exceeds the FLOWLIMIT, eliminating the need for a throttling valve.


The TPE3 features a remarkably efficient permanent magnet motor that helps minimize overall energy consumption. It exceeds efficiency expectations up to 10% over the NEMA Premium standard, operating at IE5, the world’s highest possible energy efficiency rating. With variable speed controls, the motor always runs at the precise load demand required — no more, no less.


From installation and commissioning to operation and maintenance, the TPE3 is a breeze. A single-screw clamp ring makes installation a cinch, and the intuitive plug-and-pump design includes everything you need to operate it right out of the box. The TPE3 performs everyday adjustments, corrects system imbalances and maintains efficient operation without the need for some common accessories:

  • No pump balancing valve needed: Built-in flow-limiting function performs the same job more efficiently.

  • No need for multiple additional sensors: Integrated pressure and temperature sensors make ΔP possible with no additional sensors, and ΔT possible with just one additional sensor.

  • No additional metering device: Heat Energy Monitor is built in to provide system data.


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